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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

My blog posts this past week averaged a lot lower in quantity, but seemed to have grown in volume on a per-post basis.  I think I should probably find a middle ground – slightly more often in frequency and slightly shorter in length.  Kind of like how I’d like Don’t Forget The Lyrics if I could make it perfect for me.

Speaking of, if any of you can get me on that show, I’d be forever grateful!  Besides, I think it’s time Wayne Brady had another Wayne to talk to.  Can’t never get enough Wayne, you know.

Reminds me of that CCR song, Who’ll Stop The Wayne? (and I wonder, still I wonder…)

Subluxing of Vertebrae

wayne's skull and what's on his mind 

Can’t say much about this except – you don’t want it.  The “crick” in my neck from this morning has been treated twice so far today and all I can think about is how glad I am my mother-in-law is a physical therapist and is nearby.  She’s gotten the knot out twice already and it still hurts and I can’t imagine how bad it’d be if I didn’t have help close by.  I can’t turn my head to the left hardly at all, or tilt it to the left, or crane it over to the left if some hot chick walks by.  Do you KNOW how HELPLESS that makes me FEEL!?!?!?!


Seeing as how McCain has pretty much wrapped up the Republican nomination and Obama beat Clinton recently (so much so that Clinton fired her whatsit to get a new whosit), and Ron Paul has mostly given up, maybe Ron Paul can be McCain’s VP?

mccain/paul ticket logo banner

Or maybe they should get one of those Brangelina or TomKat names and be called McPaul?  Or go after the heavy crowd and run as Ronald McCainold?

I can see their campaign slogan now:

You’re Never Too Old for Rock and Roll

Or maybe they should make a YouTube movie and call it

Old and Older

Best of LOLcats

And if you’re done crying over the last segment, now you can cry over this segment (in a good way).



lolcats stackcats


lolcats i said


lolcats click mouse to accept cookie


lolcats i practice kissez before big date


Stay tuned tomorrow for I shall reveal who won the big contest… (I still haven’t done the work yet, but I do have the chart, and YES, 11:11 popped up again in my life as the time I asked the horary question.)

pahl-uh-tiks : from Latin; “poly” meaning many, and “tics” meaning blood-sucking parasites.

I don’t know why I have politics on the brain so much lately. One of the surest ways to lose reader interest would be to blog about politics. The only way to help stave off reader abandonment would be to A) make something about the post unique, B) create controversy, and C) point out ahead of time that you risk losing readers due to the topic and that you have a plan to avoid it.

The cool thing about controversy is you not only get interest from people who agree (heck YEAH! Man, youtellitbruthah!), you also get the dissenters and people who vehemently disagree (you pusillanimous piece of putrid pediddledom how could you think that?!?!). I call that a win-win.

Now onto the predictions. You’ve probably heard of certain ‘facts’ about presidential elections. “As goes Ohio, so goes the nation” is one of them, in that no President has ever been elected that didn’t first secure a nomination from Ohio. Another is a common rule that the taller candidate wins, although Bush/Gore in 2004 was a notable (and somewhat emotional) exception.   Another indicator is approval ratings, which also took a hit in the last election, but still has a strong track record.

you decide 2008

So are we really deciding?  Or are fates decided beforehand, based on other factors? 

These kinds of ‘fact figures’ are extremely common in sports, and millions of people not only trust them inherently, they also strive to memorize as many as possible. People go monkey-bonkers over seemingly over-the-top stats such as ‘this running back ran for over 100 yards in any home game on a pre-season sunday that also had an odd number date and when it rained the previous two Saturdays’. Just listening to the commentators rattle off these things is mind-blowing when you think about the computational power and database it must take to keep track of the stuff. And what gets me is — people care about them!

Some stats are definitely worthwhile. After enough time, a stat gains strength and starts to become a trend.  A trend, if it is nurtured and weathers the hard times, can grow up and become worthy of prediction.

The trick is to identify which stats and trends are an actual sign of probabilty and not just errant data points.

I invite you to read the extended entry (below) for more interesting facts that might help us predict the next president based on astrological data.  Hint: Romney loses.


tsk tsk

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