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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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My blog is powered by WordPress.  You know, that open source, free-is-all-you-pay, all the OTHER kids are doing it blog software.  Me like it long time.  I host several blogs on my account since I have about as much bandwidth allowance per month as a Congressional Bailout and approximately 17 gobs of disk space available.  I have 100+ domains (some of which were just domain speculation and run nothing but domain parking) and host several blogs for other bloggers, too.

Recently, WordPress released 2.7 – probably the biggest, coolest, awesomest WordPress upgrade that I can remember.

I’ve upgraded a few folks to WordPress 2.7 for them.  I’ve installed 2.7 and like it a lot.  I’ve even set up a fake blog that anyone can register with and play with 2.7 if they want to try it out before they upgrade themselves.  Yes, that offer’s still open.  I also created a “mu” blog if anyone wants to play with the multi-user version of WordPress and actually create their own entire blog and not just blog with others.

But I have this problem with my blog.  [insert sappy violins playing sad emotionally carrying music].  You see, it was born a long long time ago when WordPress births were still a little difficult.  [pause to compose myself] It’s been upgraded and upgraded and upgraded so many times I’ve lost count. [sniff]  And now, sadly, I can no longer do [sniff] an export of the data.  [sob] I can’t even do a WP-DB-Backup any more! [cry].  All I can muster [sniffle] is a MySQL backup [sob] every now and again just in case something blows up! [uncontrollable crying].

[re-compose myself]

So, I don’t feel adventurous enough to complete a 2.7 upgrade for myself without good backups.  I’m worried that if exports don’t work and the wp-db-backup plugin fails, that the 2.7 upgrade will also fail, and then that’ll mean doing a restore process I haven’t tested.

Maybe I’ll try it over this Christmas break when fewer people are reading blogs.  Maybe now that I’ve slowed down my own blogging over the last few weeks (and thusly, the commenting), I might have the respite I need because business is slow, so to speak.  

Maybe I should try staples like Scrooge, played by Bill Murray, suggests.

tsk tsk

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