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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Sometimes I feel the need to make an easy blog entry.

This usually means I’m torn – torn between A) the silent periods that occur on my blog because I haven’t taken the time to write something worthwhile, and B)posting “fluff” on my blog just to make an entry, hoping to avoid appearing dead.

My personal stance is – I’d rather a blog author not post something than strive to maintain a posting frequency that might make some of the blog postings “blah” or “ho-hum”. To me, micro-blogging aka social networking sites (twitter, utterz, etc) is where the “blah” belongs (blahlongs?) because at least there’s activity. “I. Am. Not. Dead.” is what micro-blogging screams. Having the sidebar show my latest activity, as inconsequential as it may be, helps the blog stay fresh.

I don’t want to have a blahg.

This stance of mine has evolved over time. If you look at the blog archives in my first and second years, I did a lot of fluff. I started with “pic-a-day” where I just put a photo or funny photo. I also did a “caption contest” series for a while. Back then, micro-blogging wasn’t all the rage, so many blog authors struggled with questions such as “is this tidbit worth a post?” and “gee, it’s been 4 days since my last post, what should I say? No, that’s not ‘big’ enough“.

I don’t remember when it clicked for me, but at some point I decided to try and settle on one post per day. This is what Blogography does. Since Dave2 has one of my all-time favorite blogs, I figured I could learn something. And learn something I did. Having a pre-set posting frequency helped me plan. I gave up the stress of posting something, sometime and traded it for the less stressful idea of posting something daily. The concept of a deadline actually helped the situation.

There were other benefits to this approach as well: for one, I felt that the expectation of a daily post would help readers decide to follow my blog. I knew that in my own head, I asked myself “What’s Dave going to write about today?” and it made me want to go look. I wanted that same question repeated throughout the world, but with my name in the question.

What about you?

Does your interest in a blog increase with the author’s consistency in posting? Are you drawn in by a schedule? Do you bypass fluff when you see it?  Do you drop blogs that have fluff posts?

So what do I post today?

I’m posting fluff.

In the extended entry, you will find some funny newspaper clippings sent to me via email recently.  What’s funny is I started with just the newspaper clippings and then realized that I was posting fluff, so I ended up making entire post about posting fluff, which in itself made the post not fluff.  To me, that’s as clever as Seinfeld making a show that’s about nothing.  

(PS: Microsoft, if you’re listening… I’d totally do an ad campaign for a lot less than $10 million)


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