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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I’m a number of weeks behind some people on the Internet who have been doing weekly summaries and actually started numbering them, but still, for me anything as a habit is a good thing.   Plus, 17 is my favorite number!

Mom said so

This was forwarded to me recently; a very good 3 minutes worth.  Who hasn’t heard these things growing up?  (forwarded to me by a friend’s dad).  Anita Renfro seems quite funny

Day Out With Thomas

Jaden and I had the best day ever yesterday down at the Austin Convention Center for the “Day Out With Thomas” fair/expo.  You may or may not have heard of “Thomas the Tank Engine” but kids love him.  So he came to town – and is full-sized, life-sized Thomas in all his glory, so that the kids could take a 25-minute train ride around downtown Austin.  It’s all done by Austin Steam Train, who I’ve blogged about before.

 day out with thomas

I mean, what could be better for a kid than to see and meet one of his all-time favorite TV characters?

day out with thomas jaden

There was non-stop fun for playing with trains, riding down big inflatable slides, watching a Magic Show or two, watching Thomas videos, listening to Thomas stories, playing with Legos in the form of Thomas, and … well, too much to recount here.  We got there around 1pm and stayed until 5:30 and he still didn’t want to leave.

They were sold out of tickets for the day so we’re going back today to see if we can get one.

We even got some time with Sir Toppum Hatt

day out with thomas toppum hatt jaden

I tried to match his pose 🙂

Best of LOLcats

These are still the best.

lolcats who farted?

lolcats attack small rat

lolcats fail

lolcats mortgage

lolcats parents


The weeks are flying by.  Can you believe it’s October already?  Heck, I can hardly believe it’s 2007!  That means 2010 is right around the corner — I remember when I was a kid and thinking that 2010 was SO FAR AWAY.  Well, ok I guess it was, but still.  It’s truly amazing.

The Leg.  Sweep it.

Here’s my homage to Karate Kid.  Easily one of my favorite movies from that year (whatever year it was).

So for you I give you two things – a video for “You’re The Best” and an inspirational poster.

sweep the leg karate kid
(click for larger version)

Another WordPress Upgrade, done

It seems like only yesterday (ok, it was a couple weeks ago) that I blogged about upgrading my version of WordPress (the software that powers my blog), and there was a lively discussion about profanity, plugins, and Avi’s immediate suggestion that I incorporate tags vs categories.  It didn’t take long for me to heartily agree – Categories should be used in a much more general way of, well, for lack of better term – categorize – the posts, and I can see maybe a couple dozen categories at most.  Tags, on the other hand, should consist of keywords related to the post, and are more free form, context-driven pieces that help with search engines and the like.  to me, Categories are for browsing, tags are for searching.

I was very close to getting the Ultimate Tag Warrier as Avi suggested, but ended up procrastinating.  Now I’m glad I did – WordPress 2.3 has inherent tag support!  So I dropped everything (sorry, coffee mug; I didn’t like you much anyway) and did the upgrade Friday afternoon where no-one does internet surfing.  I had my maintenance page back up for about 6 minutes while I did all the upgrading, and it went without a hitch.  I did have to upgrade my Get Recent Comments plugin, tho.

Now I’m at 2.3, as evidenced by this handy screenshot that’s documented and certified impossible to forge:

wordpress 2.3 upgrade

There are tons of new features, all of which seem very logical and worth the upgrade.  I haven’t really seen if SpotMilk welcomes the changes or shuns them, but for now just the tags are good enough.

Oooh, and now I get a tag cloud!  Built-in!

It will be extremely difficult to not re-tag EVERY SINGLE POST on my blog.  I only have 740 of them in 368 categories.  0 tags for now.  Well, I take that back.  When I submit THIS post I’ll have a few tags — 🙂  I wonder if there’s a ‘netiquette for this.  As Waynal as I am, I’m going to be re-tagging posts that I think need it.

My theme doesn’t support tags vs categories yet; in fact, the theme calls categories “tags”, so I’ll either have to look for an upgrade or just make the mods myself.  I’m betting I’ll have to make the change myself, but that’s ok.  I think I’ll go for the categories being “Posted in (category)” and Tags just saying “Tags: (tag, tag, tag)”.

scary little theme tag support

Any suggestions?

Best of the LOLcats

I knows some of you don’t “get” the lolcats.  And by that I’m not saying you’re stupid or don’t understand it, I’m saying you don’t find it as funny.  That’s like me telling my wife she doesn’t “get” The Simpsons – I’m not saying she doesn’t get the jokes.

So let me know your opinion(s) of these, if any.

lolcats charisma i has it

lolcats adsl cat

lolcats carrot this big no lie

lolcats all in

lolcats boss wants to see you.

Fifteen weeks of hilarity, humor, hubris and honesty.  Huh?

LOLcats summary

I’ll keep this week’s to just one. For there can be only one.

lolcats kahn

Mexican Map

It should clearly outline territories and help people along.

mexican map not yours yours

Is this photoshopped?

I can’t tell.  It sure is pretty tho.  The colors are so varied and vivid.

Click for a slightly larger version.

LISD’s Gradespeed

Some of you who are my age might flip out.  Did you know that our school systems have finally got their technological act together and parents can actually go online and see grades?  and attendance?  And it actually is cool?

Leander Independent School District (LISD) is where our kids go.  They have a thing called “Gradespeed” where parents can login and view up-to-the-date grades and even see homework turned in, tests, projects, quizzes, labs and EVERYTHING.

You login and can see her schedule, classes, and teachers, and for each class, over on the right it lists a clickable grade.  (The grades have been hidden to protect the innocent)

gradespeed example 

When you click on the grade, it gives you all the details, dates, and how much each kidn of thing is worth for the total grade

gradespeed example 

How absolutely cool is that?  From here, I can also email the teachers.

Some other things I’ve noticed that are impressive technological advances:

  • We get PDF newsletters emailed to us each week from Jaden’s teacher for what’s going on that week.
  • Every teacher has a website that shows contact info, voicemail number, email address, calendar, and usually the homework they’ve assigned.
  • Caitlin’s huge 1000+ page math book is ONLINE so she can access it from any computer and download a PDF of whatever chapter or page so she can work on her homework without having to lug the huge thing around.  I’m guessing the same goes to some of her other classes.
  • The school calendar, library, campus info, school newsletter, handbook, news and all sorts of things are available on the school website.

I’m so happy

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally fixed a huge slowdown problem on my laptop. I’m still ecstatic about it.  My system is so unbelievably fast – UM, LIKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

dell d620 angel laptop

oooh, lucky #13 in the series.

Microsoft’s Seadragon and Photosynth demo

This demo at “TED”, where ideas are shared, shows off a couple of Microsoft’s latest acquisitions and how cool they can be.  It’s about 9 minutes long, but very worthwhile, even if you’re not as geeky as me.   I first saw it over at Ren’s Journal and have seen it a couple of times since then.  First piece is about how to view massive amounts of images/data/video/information/books/content in various ways and the second is how software can meld together tons of photos of the same thing but from different perspectives, different resolutions, and come up with a more complete model.  The posting at ted.com explains a little more and actually explained what the foreign language is at the beginning – it’s actually the guy’s name.

Sun becomes a Windows Server 2003 OEM

This is pretty big.  PC Magazine has an article about their increased partnership.  Well, PC Mag started it and it looks like it becomes an eWEEK story.  This surprises me, but it also makes me happy.

Delivery of comics in your email

There are some comics I just love to read.  They include Pearls Before Swine and Dilbert.  Also, I love me some Calvin and Hobbes and Non Sequitur

So I was very happy to find isnoop.net’s Comic Strip Snagger.  You just go online, pick the comics you want and it’ll email them to you daily.  It’ll also set up an RSS feed for your selections so you can read them in a feed reader instead of email if you want.  Very cool concept.  I’m not 100% sure of the technical legality, but I buy these guys’ books all the time, so I feel morally justified.  I have more than 10 Calvin & Hobbes books, more than a dozen Dilbert books (plus the TV series on DVD) and I’ve bought every Pearls Before Swine book that’s been released.

The Comic Strip Snagger even gives you the normal weekly style on weekdays, and the “sunday edition” on Sundays:

isnoop.net comic delivery daily edition  isnoop.net comics email sunday edition

There are other comics I’m sure I’d like, but I find if I have too many in the email, I can’t read them all.  I can read four comics without a problem, but not 20.   I tried it a long time ago with comics.com and I got 16 or 17 comics emailed to me daily.  I ended up avoiding the emails because I knew I’d be a few minutes in reading it, so they’d back up.  It’s hard to catch up on a few days of 16-17 comics, ya know?

Thank you, Akismet.

This week I hit 37,000 spam comments caught by akismet.   WOW.

akismet spam comments

Thank you, Poopy and Cheldork!

This week I hit 45 comments in one day on a post.  WOW.  Who cares if there’s a smidgeon of profanity?  I can always fix that later or claim innocent bystander.

I got 45 comments on one post in one day!  AMAZING!


A friend of mine pointed me to a site where I had downloaded PHProxy, or poxy for short.  The tool is a simple little script that you can load on your webserver, and it will proxy (read: HIDE) where you go.  For example, lets say you want to browse to a site but you don’t want the people who watch your internet traffic to know you browsed that site.  Normally, anyone who owns or manages your internet connection can monitor what you do and where you go.  HTTPS helps hide the content, say, financial information from a bank, but they can still know you went to your bank’s web site even if they don’t know what your account number is or statements look like.

So I loaded PHProxy on one of my domains to test it out and since I’m the one who monitors our company’s internet (or is supposed to; I don’t actively go looking unless asked by HR).  It works very well, I must say.  The traffic between my computer and my mostly-unused domain is encrypted, and then I can browse away to whatever I want, and the “tracks” so to speak are hidden.

That same friend pointed me to the site again this week, and this was there waiting for me (click for larger version):

click for larger version

Now, either he got punked or got busted.  I don’t know how to convert that Arabic or whatever script.  Can someone translate it?

I’m guessing if he didn’t get punked, maybe he lives in the middle east or something.  If the guy is going through turmoil, I send my positive thoughts towards him. 

And what does relinquish all rights really mean?  Can someone else now take it, publish it and make money?

Wow, now I’m at a dozen weeks of this summarizing stuff.  Should I summarize the summaries?  In Sumeria?  Or some Mary should do it for me?  or maybe some marryin’ fool?

LOLcats Summary

Really, these are the best of the week.  Go visit them yourself!

LOLcats plug-in kitty

invisible sandwich

LOLcats banzai

lolcats don't crai

lolcats dude wait what



Movies seen

  • Kickin It Old Skool – Even I will admit, pretty cheesy.  But I loved watching it.  Story is about a 12-yr old breakdancer that hits his head during a routine, goes into a coma and wakes up 20 years later looking to revive his Funky Fresh Boys to get his girlfriend back and best his old rival.  It actually had a few tie-ins to Breakin’, one of my all-time favorite 80’s movies.  For one, it had Christopher McDonald in it – you may remember Chris from Breakin’ as Special K’s talent agent.  Secondly, the choreography for the movie was done by none other than Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones – he was Ozone from Breakin’ as you might recall.  Lastly, Jamie Kennedy (the lead guy who got in a coma), during his “retraining” tries to do this thing with a broomstick that’s right out of Breakin’, major props to Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers.
  • The Contract – decent movie, worth the time.  I would probably say that about any movie that Morgan Freeman is in.
  • The Secret of NIMH – I absolutely cannot believe I haven’t seen this movie.  I’ve known about it forever and just assumed I’d seen it.  I feel Don Bluth animation is second nature to me – from loving Rock-a-Doodle to spending all my allowance playing Dragon’s Lair (and Space Ace, of course although not so much), to the animation sequence in my all-time favorite movie Xanadu, and of course several of my other favorites such as Pete’s Dragon and The Rescuers.  I feel better now that I’ve seen it and now I can answer the trivia question of “what does NIMH stand for?” if I’m ever asked.


We’re driving on the vacation and our daughter comments that she has to use the bathroom.  Jaden, 5, ever the curious one, asks “do you have to go poop?”  We all laugh a little and she says “no.”.  Then he probes a little deeper and asks “do you have to go pee-pee?”  More snickers from the car and she answers “yes, Jaden, I have to go pee-pee.”  A few seconds later the brilliant Jaden notes, “but you don’t *have* a pee-pee.”  The car erupts.

7:35 am
Post Meta :

Do any of you even read blogs on Sundays?  Isn’t Sunday a great day to relax?  Maybe laugh and smile a little bit?

What a Wonderful World

This short little hand-puppet video is a must-see.  Someone sent it to me during the week and it’s impressive, funny, touching AND neat all at the same time.  I dare you to watch and not pop off at least one hearty smirk or “awwww.”

New Management Fad

New management fad - just do your job

Las Vegas Billboard

Las Vegas - it's only a gambling problem if you're losing

Billboards – Round 2

I like the billboard theme so much, I’m adding more!

Billboard beware of low flying aircraft

billboard ritalin

billboard zirconia

billboard dennys

billboard marijuana

My Brother’s Boat

My brother has done some massive updates on his boat.  You can click the link and see his photo album for some cool times out on the lake on what is essentially a complete rebuild of a boat.

Chris Hall boat project

Here’s his description:

We had a great weekend with the boat! After I fixed a lot of stuff from the previous 10-minute maiden voyage, the Chris Craft performed flawlessly at Decker Lake on Saturday and Town Lake on Sunday. We even towed two disabled boats back to shore! I have a great video of the boat with the 283 Corvette engine singing…let me know if you want me to send you a link to it.

Yay!  I actually am now in the DOUBLE DIGITS with my weekly series of Stuff you don’t want to MISC.  That’s pretty big for me because I’m real good at starting things (and honestly meaning to continue them) but things just don’t always stay in my mind.  Like exercising, or weekly series, or paying bills.  Breathing, I’m good at.  So I feel like this is a pretty good accomplishment for me.

Star Wars Cantina

My brother-in-law sent this to me from his paper’s blogs, and I had heard the song before, but this little montage is great.

Favorite line: “His name was Yoda – he was a muppet…”  Brilliant!

Have to summarize the LOLcats

I just can’t get enough LOLcats on ICHC.  Here are my faves for the week.

lolcats let go

lolcats money in bowl for jesus

LOLcats omg ware his eye goes

lolcats dude smell this

Tips for multiplying large numbers on paper

This guy has a GREAT little system for dealing with large numbers when you need to multiply them.  I wish I would have learned it as a youth.  Today’s kids really have it easy.  Put a comment in with your tips and tricks with math.

Grandma’s Birth Control Pills

This doctor had been seeing an 80 year old woman for most of her life.  He finally retired.  At her next checkup, the new doctor told her to bring a list of all her medications that had been prescribed for her.  As the young doctor was looking through these, his eyes grew wide as he realized she had a prescription for birth control pills.  “Mrs. Smith, do you realize these are BIRTH CONTROL pills?”

“Yes, they help me sleep at night.”  “Mrs. Smith, I assure you there is absolutely NOTHING in these that could possibly help you sleep.” She reached out and patted the young doctor’s knee.

“Yes, dear, I know that.  But every morning, I grind one up and mix it in the glass of orange juice that my 16 year old granddaughter drinks………………..and believe me, it helps me sleep at night.”

Here are a few things to brighten your day on the 9th installment of Wayne’s World Famous Weekly Summary Series, entitled Stuff you don’t want to MISC. 

The Mullet Presentation

Give yourself the gift of knowing you’re probably not in this presentation.  (ok, it’s actually a PDF).

Truth in Advertising

Engineer Job Applicants

This reminds me of how at our company we posted a job for a Unix Systems Network Security Engineer (or some variant thereof).  We required all applicants to sign their resume with public/private key pair (like a PGP key).  We figured if they can’t even do that, they need not apply.  A few said “what do I need to do again?” and “how do I do that?”  Um, Mr Applicant (or should I say supplicant), if you can’t do that, move along.

 In case you can’t read the number:

This weeks’ best LOLcats

you has no cover on tps report

rusty makes his move

it was a ruff ride in the postal truck

jazz hands!

I meant to post this yesterday, as this series is a Sunday thing.  But oops, I forgot.  So here it is as a Monday thing! 

Death By Powerpoint

This little “advice powerpoint” that Alexei Kapterev put together is great.  If you do presentations, ever, be sure to go through his a couple times and refine your own presentation.

Death By Powerpoint

Proof of Desperate Students

There’s absolute proof that desperate students exist, and then there’s the proof that the desperate students create. This series emailed to me recently happens to be both


Saw a few movies over this last week, a couple of which are worth mentioning.  The Last Time with Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser was great (have to watch it all the way through to think so).  Hot Fuzz was also above expectations… I liked Shaun of the Dead well enough, and Hot Fuzz was laugh-out-loud funny in places.  We watched Number 23 on OnDemand and while I’m sure a lot of people complain about it or whatever, I still liked it.

I’m pretty sure I’d be a horrible critic, in that I like just about everything.  I’m glad for my lack of pickiness for movies – I’d hate to be critiquing everything here and there, picking apart the movie for this problem with the plot, or bad acting, etc.  I just enjoy it all.  And I think I’m happier for it.

And in unrelated news, I finally figured out how to put a real honest-to-goodness line break after my little manual headers on these “don’t want to MISC” series. TinyMCE is very cool for the most part, but it’s bugs drive me crazy!

WHALLcats – Nitro’s love for the camera

iPhone runs VIM

Ok, there’s more to the story than just this, but what caught my eye was the VIM tie-in.  For those of you who don’t know, VIM is “vi improved”, and vi is a visual editor used on unix systems.  It’s completely text-based, harkening back to the days of no mice and no graphics.  It’s extremely powerful, and I still use it daily to do text editing, manipulation, processing, etc.  I’ve had gvim (graphical vim) on my box forever, and rely on it.  To know that it can run on the iPhone makes me 1% closer to wanting one. 

To date, I’m about at 4% wanting one.  If the cost came down to $200 or so, I’d be at 80%.  If it supported ActiveSync (ie, if it supported Outlook Mobile Access – OMA – from exchange front end web servers) like so many other smart phones, I’d be at 95%.  I depend on my blackberry, and it securely syncs up all my email, contacts, calendar, etc wirelessly.  ActiveSync w/OMA does the same thing for non-blackberry PDAs.

So for the time being, I’ll have to be happy with my midpSSH client for my blackberry.  It lets me bounce off my internal blackberry enterprise server, encrypted across the RIM network, and ssh into internal servers @ work, so now I can truly fix those emergency situations without having to find a hotspot!

The David Blaine of Billiards

Never saw this guy before, don’t know who he is, but I’ve dubbed him the David Blaine of Billiards.  Or call it “Street Magic Pool”.  Doesn’t matter what it’s called, but these are some pretty neat tricks.  Thanks to Jen for the link.

147 run in Snooker 

Speaking of billiards, Jen also shared this fantastic video of a guy making a perfect 147-score run in snooker in about 5 minutes.  The guy is awesome.

Breakfast – it’s not just for breakfast anymore

I heard on the news recently that Kellogg’s has found more people eating it’s cereal at non-breakfast times, like for a late night snack or after-dinner treat, so they’re ramping up production of chocolate-flavored rice krispies or special K or something. So I decided to come up with the above tagline.  It’s mine.  I owns it.

New Dennys Menu girl

Well, she just doesn’t do it for me.

The new Denny's Menu girl

Compared to Tiffany, the old Denny’s menu girl, I mean.  I’m not saying this girl here is ugly or anything – her smile is nice, sure, and she’s bringing a GREAT tray of food, and she has that super weird grip on the coffee mug, and she can pour coffee without looking.  Not only that, she has a four foot long spike sticking out of her back (it’s an old war wound), but you can’t see it because she’s looking AT us instead of away.  The lady in the back who’s smiling sees it and is rather rude by laughing at it.

In case you forgot what Tiffany looks like, here’s a refresher.  See what I mean?

Tiffany from Denny's is hot

WHALLcats – Jaden version

I promised some more WHALLcats.  Here you go, but instead of cats (or dogs), it’s none other than Jaden!

whallcats jaden spelz

LOLcats – Wolves version

And here’s one I made up just now.  It’s from a caption contest entry no-one entered.

lolcats wolves

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tsk tsk

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