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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Ever wonder?

The above can is what we found after we started looking for the culprit for this:

At least it’s easy to clean up.

Which is more than I can say for my brain.  My brain needs to be cleaned out something fierce.  It’s full of wacky conspiracy theories right now, and they work out pretty amazingly in my head but I lack the time or proper motivation to adequately explain them.

One of them is about the swine flu media frenzy, the government recently ordering 195 million vaccines (and another 120 million does of “stretcher material to make more available), a filibuster-proof Democratically-controlled Senate, and an all-powerful entrancing President.  Do we really know there’s any swine flu (H1N1) going on, or do we just trust some reports from somewhere else?  Supposedly, only one state had more “confirmed cases” than Texas, but still I wonder – do we really know anything?

What if the government mandated all Americans (or at least everyone but children and the elderly) they must take some drug?  Would we all just take it?  Would the government portray “dissenters” as terrorists?  Would they label gun-owning Republicans as enemies of the state?

If we look through history, all we know for certain is that we’ve never known anything for certain.  From the earth being flat to the moon being cheese; from Pangaea to plate techtonics; from the inherent flaws of carbon dating to our understanding of relativity and spacetime… we as humans constantly struggle against conventional wisdom vs facts vs interpretation of the facts.  Religious figures, politicians, scientists, and scholars each have their biases, both active and passive that in retrospect sometimes border on the criminal.

The ridicule, ostracizing, vilification and lynching done by our society at those who brought “truth” before we were ready is staggering to behold.

I wish I made more time to investigate these lines of thought, but here is where I lay them down for now. 

By the way, if I mysteriously get hit by the beer truck after post, someone please look for me.  Or if I’m suddenly charged with some strange crime or you find out I was the Unibomber 2.0, don’t necessarily take it for truth.

And question everything.  Especially me and my wacky conspiracy theories.

It’s been… one week since this day last week, cocked your head to the side and said “he’s crazy”

Tequila Mockingbird Con

Had such a great time in Santa Fe, NM and met some fantastic bloggers.  If you ever get a chance to go to a blog meet-up, do it.  It’s pretty neat having a virtual friendship with so many people online for a long time and then get to meet them in person.   I’m sure I’ll get something up here dedicated to the event in the form of pictures, video or possibly aromavision, so stay tuned.

Swine Flu

I’ve believed for a long time now that humanity is ripe for culling.  We’re overpopulated, lazy, gluttonous and atrophied.  Like the bubonic plague in the 1300’s and the Spanish Flu in early 20th century killing 50-100 million, nature is going to come wipe out some of us to remind us of our place and maybe kick-start us into a better way of living.

However, there is something we can do to stave off death.

We can fight back – Eat BBQ

Nature is laughing at our vegetarianism.

Pepsi Swag

I’m not above a little pimping for one of my friend’s blogs, especially if it helps me get another chance to win.  Hmm, wait a second, if people actually go visit and try to get their own chance, that actually REDUCES my chances to win, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s worth it.  Maybe the Universe will see my only-slightly-greedy intent and think “hey, that’s an improvement! he’s usually a lot more selfish!”

It’s worth a try.  Go check out BlondeBlogger’s PEPSI Swag giveway.

Best of LOLcats

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