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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Hey gang, it’s Karl here, filling in for Wayne while he runs off to Lake Tahoe to gamble away his life savings.

It’s not easy guest blogging for Whall because he puts all these restrictions on you, like you can’t curse and you can’t show naked pictures of yourself. Man, that’s 95% of my repertoire right there! Now I’m supposed to stay clothed and use words like “heck” and “holy moley?” That’s frakkin bullhonkydoodoo, I tell you!

Still, when your host wishes to maintain a PG level on his blog, you have to honor it, even if you’re typically rated NC-17. House rules. I forgot to ask Wayne if I was supposed to take off my shoes before entering his house, but oh well. He’ll have to deal with it.

I live in this little tiny town in south central Florida called Sebring. Population is a little over 10,000, which is only slightly smaller than the city I lived in for 11 years before coming to Florida – Dallas, Texas.

The other day, Sebring actually made national news for something other than the 12 Hours of Sebring auto races. We had some buttclown (again, keeping it clean) play an April Fool’s joke by placing dozens of plain white envelopes on car windshields in the Florida Hospital parking lot. Each envelope contained white powder.

Needless to say, everybody freaked, especially since a select few envelopes contained a message: “Define anthrax.” The whole hospital was on lockdown for 14 hours…nobody allowed in or out.

This idiot also planted envelopes in some residential mailboxes. So there were a couple of residential communities on lockdown, too. The FBI was here, Homeland Security, and I think I heard mention that Captain Crunch was here. They weren’t messing around.

A sample of the powder was delivered to Tampa – 2 hours away, the closest place to Sebring that has testing facilities better than that in Walmart. Turns out, surprise, that it wasn’t anthrax.

Nope, it was Johnson’s Cornstarch Baby Powder. Which the moron bought at Walmart, where they have video cameras. I don’t know how they caught the guy, but they did. And here he is.

White Powder Criminal

That’s Jerron Mario Moffitt, 20 years old, mugging it up for his mug shot. Now being held with 75 counts of second-degree felony, hoax of weapons of mass destruction. Ha, isn’t that funny? What a frakkin imbecile. Did Jerron Mario Moffitt never hear of 9/11? Anthrax just isn’t the fun and games it used to be.

Did you ever notice that the most notorious criminals are represented by THREE names? Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, John Wilkes Boothe, Mark David Chapman…you could go on and on. And now there’s Jerron Mario Moffit. Not just Jerron Moffit, mind you, because that doesn’t help us see what a horrid person he is. No, we need to use his middle name, too.

It’s like when I was a kid and my mom’s voice would suddenly drop 3 octaves as she caught me in the act doing something horrible, say, stealing cookies from the top of the fridge, or pushing my sister down the stairs. She’d say, “Karl Thomas Erikson!” And my whole body would freeze up.

Fortunately, aside from my parents, the only place you’ll see all three of my names is at your local post office. I can’t remember the charges…it’s not like I was swearing on Wayne’s blog or anything.

So kids, next April Fool’s Day don’t be tempted to stick cornstarch powder in white envelopes and plant them around your town, lest you be known by your 3-named moniker your whole life.

And as a special bonus, I give to you my favorite new commercial, which contains absolutely no curse words, no nudity, and no violence. It’s all about lawn maintenance. And it’s subtle, like an anvil being dropped on your foot.

Thanks for having me, Wayne. Enjoy your trip and bring me back some money.

tsk tsk

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