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Last night was Family Game Night.

For Jaden’s birthday, he got a Monopoly Transformers Collectors Edition.


For the most part, it’s still Monopoly – the prices are the same, the board layout and property colors are the same, and the rules are the same.  It’s just Transformer-ized.  I haven’t ever played any of the “branded” Monopoly games, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was enjoyable.  To save us from dragging the game out into the wee hours of the night, we played the accelerated rules — hand out 4 random properties to each player at the beginning.

Jaden did well, especially with our guidance of when to buy houses (called Energon Cubes) and hotels (called Anti-matter).  He also was able to purchase the two dark blue spots, the most expensive and sought-after properties in Monopoly – Boardwalk (called Cybertron) and Park Place (called Earth).  He’s very good with money, and that made him quite a talent (called lucky) at this game.

However, there was one specific turn that really stood out in our minds.  Mom had landed on her own railroad (called Transports) on a previous turn, and was looking forward to passing Go to collect her $200.


What does she roll? Doubles. But not just any doubles.  She rolls 1-1, and lands right on Jaden’s property Earth, with Anti-Matter (hotel) on it.


For those of you who don’t recall what Park Place’s rent is with a hotel, let me remind you


$1500 dollars.  Mom had to pay her son $1500.  This mother, who painstakingly brought him into this world, fed him, nurtured him, and is always there to protect him from the nasties, has to turn around and pay her own son rent. HER OWN SON.

Jaden’s eyes went big and LOVED the whole thing.  He was beaming with the big $500 bills and all those yellow $100 bills.  The kid loves money of all kinds, and Transformers cash is some of the best of all.

Well, as you know, in Monopoly, rolling doubles mean you roll again.

And she rolled another set of Doubles.

And you already know what’s coming, right?




She rolls the absolute worst roll out of 36 possibilities.  Twice.

If you thought rent on Earth was bad, wait until you see the cost of living on Cybertron:


In one turn, she’s out $3500.

Amazingly enough, she was able to survive for a few turns after that.  However, she was the first one out, and Jaden ended up with all of her properties, hotels, houses and cash.  I was the next casualty of the Autobot/Decepticon battle, and it was left to Caitlin and Jaden to duke it out.  They kept playing for a while and decided to leave the board overnight to continue this morning.

Another game we play is Trivial Pursuit on the PS3.

Got any suggestions for our next Family Game Night?

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