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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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Post Meta :

Don’t you just LOVE it when there’s a blogger you read (or watch) and they blog for a while and then they just disappear for a few weeks?  Sure, they’re on twitter, and they utter now and again (despite Utterli having tremendous telephone interface issues), and they pop up their head every once in a while to do a blog upgrade or two (if you haven’t heard yet, all you WordPress users should make sure you upgrade).

Sarcasm aside, don’t also just LOVE IT when a talented and giving blogger is cool and all, but still ends up not delivering on promises he made?  (you and YOU and you know what I’m talking about.  Especially YOU).

I promise I haven’t forgotten.  These promises range from a blog setup, a song, a guest post, a painting, a astrology reading… the list goes on and on.  In fact, I just added one about not forgetting.  Seems I hand out promises faster than Congress can create bills to hand out cash.

(speaking of which – have you signed the petition /poll urging Congress to pass a bill stating that Members of Congress and their families must be forced to enroll themselves into whatever health plan they pass for us citizens?  Go do that.)

In the meantime, I gave to Chili’s Create-a-Pepper fight cancer blitz.  I even wrote some code (which in retrospect is slightly wrong; I didn’t have my favorite code editor to help me.)

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While my procrastinating behavior is no excuse, I will say that a few things going on have taken center stage.  One is a new job.

Yup.  After almost NINE (9) years at the same company through mergers, acquisitions, growth and hard work, I’m leaving my awesome job as IT Director of a large national ISP.  It was a tough decision, because, well… I wasn’t looking for a new job.  I like it quite a bit here.  The company I’m at is great, the work is fun, the future is bright and gosh darn it, they even provide shades.  And 35 cent sodas in the vending machine.

But when The Force calls you to action, it’s not like you can just walk away and say no.

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I’m not even sure how much I can talk about the new job, so hang out a bit and I’ll probably explain more soon.  I know I can say for sure that it’s a geek’s dream come true.  At least, it’s THIS geek’s dream come true.  I start this coming Monday.


Remember all those excuses I was saying I had?  One of them is the fact that I’ve been at my current job for almost 9 years and I’m leaving this Friday!  THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO.  Pretty much everything in IT that’s here, I either built, made, bought, set up, coded, installed, customized, supported, cussed at, tweaked, broke, fixed, loved, threw out, kicked, compiled, uninstalled, mentored, laughed with, documented, reviewed, spilled Pepsi on, plugged in, turned off, racked, stacked, touched and/or hugged.  We’re talking hundreds and hundres of servers, networks, firewalls, phone systems, call centers, blackberries, workstations and software packages.  At one time we were 86 people and now we’re almost 500.  There’s a lot of tribal knowledge to transfer with just a three week notice.

On one hand, I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief as I drop the burden of all the little issues off my back by leaving. On the other hand, I’ll be learning a whole NEW set of little issues to welcome onto my back.

So that’s what’s new with me.  What’s new with you?

(note: the above question is NOT just a question-tactic to get comments.  If I were inclined to incite people to comment, I’d ask your opinion about health care.)

Some snazzy intro should go here.  If it’s not, please check your server.  Don’t forget to tip your server.

Write on my whall

You knew it was coming.  I joined facebook.


Given that I already have a non-trivial online presence with twitter and utterli, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised how fast I went from 1 to almost 100 “friends.”

I put friends in quotes because I don’t know yet how I want to handle facebook.  I’ve decided for now that

  • Family is “in”
  • Online friends are “in”
  • In-real-life friends are “in”
  • coworkers, unless they’re actual friends, are “out”

I still don’t know how I want to embrace facebook.  It sure can be a time sink if you let it.  It has way too much potential to interrupt work and “real” life.  I also don’t know if I want to muddy up close friends with semi-acquaintances.  I’m so new, I don’t even know if that’s an issue.

What about you?  Do you facebook?  Do you keep it private or open it up?

Utterz you may have MISC’ed

You might be wondering to yourself – “when Wayne isn’t busy saving the world or eating breakfast tacos, what does he do with all that extra time he has!?!?!?”

To answer that question, I use Utterli.  I speak my thoughts into my phone while commuting or walking the dogs, and YOU can listen in.  Maybe even reply!

Here are some of my more brilliant moments that you might want to check out.

Best of LOLcats

I saved the best for last.

Best of LOLConnery

hey HEY!  You’re lookin’ goooooooooood!

The Texas Fireball

I did not witness this directly, but as I was waiting outside of IHOP Sunday morning, another patron right next to me pointed up and yelled “Oh my God! a meteor!!!”

Of course, by the time I looked it was gone.

There are many theories on what it was – at first, people thought maybe it was part of the colliding satellites earlier in the week.  Others figured maybe just general space debris.  Then there’s always the tried-and-true “it was an asteroid, dur.”

I’m pretty sure it was the American Dollar, getting ready for the impending signing of the stimulus package.

The “move a body” award

It seems that I’ve won an award of some kind.

And.. the child…. mentioned… a check?

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Now, I’m not the kind of person to flaunt my many awards in people’s faces.  That’s what a sidebar is for.   However, I will point out that the person who gave me this award… hmm, well, let’s just say – she received the award four times.  Not too shabbizzay.

You might be thinking… “well if she got the award four times, and she gave away the award to ten different bloggers, how important is this award anyway?”  If you actually asked that question out loud, you need to seek some help.  If you just thought it inside your pretty little head, let me tell you a little bit about me and princepessa.  We have helped each other move bodies, and don’t get on our bad sides, if you know what’s good for you.

My Utterz

You might not follow me on utterli.com.  You might not even notice the regular updates I do in the utterli sidebar, over there to your right.  You might not even know that in addition to subscribing to my blog in a feedreader and watching me in videos called DITLs, you can actually sit and listen to my voice from your computer or your phone.

Here are some of my more brilliant chronological entries.

There.  Feel free to join utterli and join in the conversation!  Sometimes in order to have a dialogue, you need more than one person.  Two heads are more numerous than one.

The Best of LOLcats

Dave2 turned me onto http://rolcats.  Pretty funny stuff.  Although, my initial characterization of the two elements are that lolcats are for optimists, and rolcats are for pessimists.

Anyone who reads Dave2 knows which camp he’s in.

Dat’s all I got.  Just the one.  There weren’t many this time around that I felt were up to par.

I composed this utter on the way to work this morning, and liked it so much I decided I’d transcribe it and make it my post today.

(I can’t wait for auto-dictation on utterli)

So click on over there and listen to me talking about it off the cuff, or read on in the extended entry.


10:25 am
Post Meta :

You can hear me thank each of you individually in this morning’s utter (and by individually, I mean that I grouped you all corporately due to efficiency)


And although I did not win last night’s lotto, it got me thinking.  With all this positive energy coming from dozens of brilliant, loving, compassionate and incredibly good-looking people, the measly $5million (estimated cash value) jackpot is just. not. worth it.  

I mean think about it – who do you know that is rich that is happy?  

No, I mean besides Oprah.

Sure, with that kind of money I could probably buy lots of stuff, stop getting calls from bill collectors, live in a better neighborhood, hire a maid or two and not work any more, but when you really think about it, who wants that?  Doesn’t that just sound like hell on earth?  Really – could you live with yourself when you have that much money?

Clearly it was not meant to be.

Nope, not at all.

That kind of money just isn’t meant for me/us.

No no no, $5m just isn’t enough.  The incredible amount of positive energy you guys are sending to me is destined for Friday’s Mega Millions, estimated at $53,600,000.  THAT’S the kind of money that would bring happiness!

So I’m running TWO sets of numbers for tomorrow’s MEGA MILLIONS – the ones I initially used and the ones Hilly “lost.”


Keep the positive energy coming!

Keep the positive energy coming!

Offer still stands – anyone leaving a positive comment on this post or yesterday’s post gets a share of 1/2 the winnings!  (btw, that’s any winnings, not just if I win the jackpot).  Comment must be left by 10pm Central  Friday night, the 21st, 2008.  Comments left on my utter also count, so that’s an easy way to get double shares.

Also, I can’t believe no-one correctly guessed the reference at the end of yesterday’s post yet…  An extra share still is up for grabs 🙂

9:37 am
Post Meta :

Get some love.  er, luv.

First, if you’re not listening to my Utterz, you should consider doing so.  I speak my mind more than a few times per week over at Utterli, and the latest ones are shown over in the sidebar to the right.  One thing I really like about Utterli is the telephone interface – it’s a good way to fill up the commute with semi-worthwhile activity.

You could hear me sing a little Def Leppard over on the above utter or maybe hear about the low low price of gas on this one.  Sometimes I geekout to the extreme.

heh, sometimes.  I crack myself up.  “sometimes”.  HA!

Secondly, Andy Bailey over at CommentLuv is giving away lots of prizes, and you can win.  

Have you noticed on my blog’s comments how it lists someone’s most recent blog entry and puts a little heart symbol?  I don’t type those in manually – oh no!  That work is done by the CommentLuv plugin for WordPress.

Here’s all you need to do:


  • Register your blog, if you have one, over at commentluv.com and have it verified.
  • Enter a profile description
  • Comment on my blog somewhere
The more you comment, the better your chances, but you cannot spam.  That’s like calling into a radio show just for the prize.  Well, no, strike that – it’s WORSE than calling into a radio show because, well, I don’t have a radio show. I have a blog.  This is all about me.  Don’t spam my blog, man.
If you don’t have a blog, I don’t think you can win.  Sorry, them’s the rules.  But you can get a free blog over at WordPress or Blogger (or tons of other places).  So go do that, then register, and woohoo! you could win.

tsk tsk

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