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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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Post Meta :

Don’t you just LOVE it when there’s a blogger you read (or watch) and they blog for a while and then they just disappear for a few weeks?  Sure, they’re on twitter, and they utter now and again (despite Utterli having tremendous telephone interface issues), and they pop up their head every once in a while to do a blog upgrade or two (if you haven’t heard yet, all you WordPress users should make sure you upgrade).

Sarcasm aside, don’t also just LOVE IT when a talented and giving blogger is cool and all, but still ends up not delivering on promises he made?  (you and YOU and you know what I’m talking about.  Especially YOU).

I promise I haven’t forgotten.  These promises range from a blog setup, a song, a guest post, a painting, a astrology reading… the list goes on and on.  In fact, I just added one about not forgetting.  Seems I hand out promises faster than Congress can create bills to hand out cash.

(speaking of which – have you signed the petition /poll urging Congress to pass a bill stating that Members of Congress and their families must be forced to enroll themselves into whatever health plan they pass for us citizens?  Go do that.)

In the meantime, I gave to Chili’s Create-a-Pepper fight cancer blitz.  I even wrote some code (which in retrospect is slightly wrong; I didn’t have my favorite code editor to help me.)

(click to embiggify)

While my procrastinating behavior is no excuse, I will say that a few things going on have taken center stage.  One is a new job.

Yup.  After almost NINE (9) years at the same company through mergers, acquisitions, growth and hard work, I’m leaving my awesome job as IT Director of a large national ISP.  It was a tough decision, because, well… I wasn’t looking for a new job.  I like it quite a bit here.  The company I’m at is great, the work is fun, the future is bright and gosh darn it, they even provide shades.  And 35 cent sodas in the vending machine.

But when The Force calls you to action, it’s not like you can just walk away and say no.

(click to embiggify)

I’m not even sure how much I can talk about the new job, so hang out a bit and I’ll probably explain more soon.  I know I can say for sure that it’s a geek’s dream come true.  At least, it’s THIS geek’s dream come true.  I start this coming Monday.


Remember all those excuses I was saying I had?  One of them is the fact that I’ve been at my current job for almost 9 years and I’m leaving this Friday!  THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO.  Pretty much everything in IT that’s here, I either built, made, bought, set up, coded, installed, customized, supported, cussed at, tweaked, broke, fixed, loved, threw out, kicked, compiled, uninstalled, mentored, laughed with, documented, reviewed, spilled Pepsi on, plugged in, turned off, racked, stacked, touched and/or hugged.  We’re talking hundreds and hundres of servers, networks, firewalls, phone systems, call centers, blackberries, workstations and software packages.  At one time we were 86 people and now we’re almost 500.  There’s a lot of tribal knowledge to transfer with just a three week notice.

On one hand, I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief as I drop the burden of all the little issues off my back by leaving. On the other hand, I’ll be learning a whole NEW set of little issues to welcome onto my back.

So that’s what’s new with me.  What’s new with you?

(note: the above question is NOT just a question-tactic to get comments.  If I were inclined to incite people to comment, I’d ask your opinion about health care.)

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Post Meta :




I got on Facebook because there are a lot of less-tech-savvy folks in my life who I care about keeping in touch with.  I’m talking about people who really don’t “get” blogs, twitter, utterli, or instant messaging.  Or maybe they “get” them but they really don’t care to dive that deep into someone’s online persona, or that it’s too much work.

For many people, Facebook leaves most of that other stuff behind because it’s just plain easier.

The average Facebook user doesn’t need to know about RSS feeds, tweet streams, instant messaging clients or anything technical.  They just use a web browser and they’re in. They’re connected.  They have friends. Then they get an invitation to be in the Mafia.   Who could want more?

The only thing I use Facebook for at this time is to re-broadcast my tweets.   My tweets rebroadcast my thoughts, my blog entries and my utterz, the latter two being also thought rebroadcasts themselves.

In one big huge way, Facebook is better than twitter because of the concept I like to call threading.

Twitter can do quite a number on a conversation (in a bad way), and while there are tools to help figure out a thread, it’s not intuitive. Facebook, on the other hand, makes the conversation very intuitive, and very public.  So public that people who don’t even know each other can meet, in a way.

Oh yeah.  The OTHER main benefit Facebook has over twitter is the email notification of replies.  Twitter can email you for direct messages, but not replies.  That’s a biggie.

Facebook is also apparently very addictive.  I’d like to share with you a glimpse of all the things I DON’T do on Facebook (for those of you who have invited me or tagged me with things and don’t understand why I haven’t responded, this may explain it).  These are the outstanding requests I have on my Facebook page, sitting there waiting for me to act.

Look at that.

It’s no wonder Facebook is so addicting.  It makes everyone feel so… so… wanted.  So requested.  So invited.  So exclusive.  So rockstarish.

I still have 6 friend requests from people who I have no idea who they are.  And it’s not like they’re strangers – oh no.  I’m sure I know them, online.  But I don’t know their REAL name.

There are people out there that have their online names and lives (poohbearextremeLOL) completely lived separate from their real names (John Quincy Doe III).  Facebook doesn’t allow for pseudonyms, so someone I probably have known online for 3+ years can send me a friend request and I have no idea who they are.

Or (this is the kicker) – I know of them online, but I don’t actually know them.  What do I do about those?  I still haven’t figured it out.

Maybe you can now see why I blurred out names from that thread snapshot above.  Those people?  I don’t know if they want their real names displayed.  Some I know don’t mind.  Some I know DO mind.

I’m sure if I let myself, I could spend as much time on Facebook as I do eating, walking the dogs, playing with the kids, hygiene, and commuting combined.  I think a lot of people already do.

Someone hit me if I get that bad, k?

You ever those times when you think about something a lot but you’re not even sure you SHOULD be thinking about it at all, and then you think about THAT and if you’re overanalyzing the situation, and wonder if you should just drop the whole thing and play Guitar Hero?

Really?  That’s weird.  And kinda scary.  I mean, for quirkiness, that takes the cake.  You sure you want to be around here?

Ren and I are traveling to TequilaCon 2009 today – driving from Austin, TX to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s been a fun trip so far – you can read a little more about it with some graphic candy over at his post (warning to people who don’t like pictures of feet).  For now, I’ll give you a shot of some random convertible.


You can follow along with us on the trip in the following ways:

  • Follow me and/or Ren on Twitter.  You can see progress of our trip in <140 characters at a time.  Each of us also keep our latest tweets in our blog sidebars.
  • Follow me on utterli.  We may or may not be uttering our progress with audio clips that are sure to be unique.  Just like all my other utterz.  Utterz is another thing you can see in my sidebar.
  • Follow my blackberry’s location on the earth with Google Latitude.  I’ll call you big brother and give you a big hug, which will be captured on camera, analyzed, sorted, catalogued, reviewed for terrorism and then promptly forgotten.  My google address is the letter j plus wayne at gmail.com.

So on to the etiquette question.

Do you wear your own blog shirt to a blogger meet-up?

I know.  A little creepy, isn’t it?   I’ll tell you right now, that’s my intention.

Follow-up question

How about wearing someone ELSE’S blog shirt to a blogger meet-up?

If you could answer by tomorrow at 8pm Mountain time, that’d be great.  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to answer that by Saturday, mkay?”

Be honest.  Would you trust this person?

Taken by itself, this portrait looks like one of those Most Wanted poster shots in the Post Office.  Look at his grainy skin.  The stark black and white features.  The thick eyebrows.  Barely existent beady eyes.  Thinly veiled smile that surely belies a terrorist heart ready to jump out at you just for looking at him cross-eyed.

I’m not surprised that they use that format on wanted posters.  Ain’t nobody can look too good in those conditions.

This is what it looks like when you get your picture taken for our elementary school’s visitor badge.

I volunteered this morning and you can hear more about it by listening to my utter:

But take my word for it either way – if you have children in elementary school, take time to volunteer. Even if just once; even if just for 30 minutes; even if to just sit in class and watch. It’s worth it!

PS: A BIG Thank You to Ms Suarez, Jaden’s teacher.  You are incredible!  And patient. And helpful.  Did I mention patient?




If there were seven brides for seven brothers, how many inlaws does that make?

Windows 7 Beta

As I believe I’ve mentioned before but am too lazy to go find the link, I upgraded my primary work laptop to Windows 7 Beta, build 7000.  I’m still loving it.  The standard OS at the company I work for is still XP, so this kind of jump is like 1.21 gigaparsecs in a kessel Mr Fusion run.  I was on Vista for about a year before that, so I was mostly ready for the user interface changes.


First impression – FAST.  Second impression: WHOA THIS IS SO FAST.  Fourth impression: What happened to the third impression?  Wait, I know!  It must have gone by too fast.

Windows 7 performs faster, looks better, backs up great, is more intuitive, is more easily managed, has cooler tools built-in and crashes left often.  All of my drivers worked (except for a Canoscan Lide 60 scanner; still working on that).

I tried upgrading to the latest leaked version, 7057 but I encountered errors so I’ll wait a while to see if another one gets leaked.  What’s exciting about this is that typically, beta software is slower than the actual release because developers usually work on stability rather than performance.  So I expect the actual release to be even faster than the one I have loaded.

That’ll do, Microsoft.  That’ll do.

I’m totally blogging this

I’m a sucker and I can prove it.


Your all-time-favorite NSFW blogger Avitable made an irresistible t-shirt and I snagged me one.  Yes, it has “whall.org” on the back.  I’m completely advertising myself for myself on myself.

Judge not, lest ye be flogged.

Utterz you may have MISC’ed

Best of LOLcats










hey HEY!  You’re lookin’ goooooooooood!

The Texas Fireball

I did not witness this directly, but as I was waiting outside of IHOP Sunday morning, another patron right next to me pointed up and yelled “Oh my God! a meteor!!!”

Of course, by the time I looked it was gone.

There are many theories on what it was – at first, people thought maybe it was part of the colliding satellites earlier in the week.  Others figured maybe just general space debris.  Then there’s always the tried-and-true “it was an asteroid, dur.”

I’m pretty sure it was the American Dollar, getting ready for the impending signing of the stimulus package.

The “move a body” award

It seems that I’ve won an award of some kind.

And.. the child…. mentioned… a check?

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Now, I’m not the kind of person to flaunt my many awards in people’s faces.  That’s what a sidebar is for.   However, I will point out that the person who gave me this award… hmm, well, let’s just say – she received the award four times.  Not too shabbizzay.

You might be thinking… “well if she got the award four times, and she gave away the award to ten different bloggers, how important is this award anyway?”  If you actually asked that question out loud, you need to seek some help.  If you just thought it inside your pretty little head, let me tell you a little bit about me and princepessa.  We have helped each other move bodies, and don’t get on our bad sides, if you know what’s good for you.

My Utterz

You might not follow me on utterli.com.  You might not even notice the regular updates I do in the utterli sidebar, over there to your right.  You might not even know that in addition to subscribing to my blog in a feedreader and watching me in videos called DITLs, you can actually sit and listen to my voice from your computer or your phone.

Here are some of my more brilliant chronological entries.

There.  Feel free to join utterli and join in the conversation!  Sometimes in order to have a dialogue, you need more than one person.  Two heads are more numerous than one.

The Best of LOLcats

Dave2 turned me onto http://rolcats.  Pretty funny stuff.  Although, my initial characterization of the two elements are that lolcats are for optimists, and rolcats are for pessimists.

Anyone who reads Dave2 knows which camp he’s in.

Dat’s all I got.  Just the one.  There weren’t many this time around that I felt were up to par.

I composed this utter on the way to work this morning, and liked it so much I decided I’d transcribe it and make it my post today.

(I can’t wait for auto-dictation on utterli)

So click on over there and listen to me talking about it off the cuff, or read on in the extended entry.


I predict that some bloggers may just decide to stop reading my entire blog just from the title of this entry.  I’m hoping, however, that most of them are at least open-minded enough to let me post my opinion and still come by every now and again for the vast amount of non-political blog posts I do.

I’d also like to point out that I do not require anyone to agree with me.  You can comment, disagree, point out where I’m wrong, and have a healthy debate and you will be welcome for it.  Hurtful comments, however, or profanity, slurs, or offensive material is not welcome.

My views are not unchangeable; but they are unshakable.

I did a few politicial utters recently (audio recordings) – Why no Photo ID required to Vote, No Really – Why no Obama records, and Media Bias example w/Obama and Campaign Finance.  I did them because these three issues were heavy on my mind. I had other questions as well, but lacked the time to adequately convey them in the written word.

Well, I actually found that someone else had done the work for me.  It’s definitely not exactly how I’d write it, but it’s close enough for me.  It starts off with a lack of bias but the writing throughout is still anti-Obama.  I don’t hide the fact that I see this article as written with a conservative bias.  But I don’t see them presenting any lies or making an item bigger than it really is.

And you know what? the title of the article will probably piss off even more people.  But I will say this – if you’re planning on voting Obama tomorrow, can actually read though all of the article and still vote for Obama, then I can more easily say I respect your vote.  Heck, I already respect your vote.  You’re an American Citizen!  You have a voice!  I’m just hoping your voice is a normal, everyday voice and not one that’s just chanting Obama over and over, enamored with the idea of a leader instead of a real substantive one..

(note: I only respect your vote if you are an American Citizen.  I do not respect you if you are non-existant.  What do I mean by non-existant?  Well, Indiana has more registered voters than there are population – that’s right.  105% of the voters are registered.  Can anyone say voter fraud?)

And now – the article.  Try not to throw tomatoes.

The Comprehensive Argument Against Barack Obama


And just to prove I’m not 100% political and offensive on these posts, here’s a little levity.

Don’t forget to check out Barackula – the Musical.  “I vant to suck your vallet!”

Barackula is a short political horror rock musical about young Barack Obama having to stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990. Obama (Justin Sherman) finds that he must convince the vampire society that opposing political philosophies can coexist or else the society may transform Obama to the dark side. Reminiscent to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and a slight infusion of Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What’s that you say? You say you don’t understand what’s happening with the world when whall does a weekly post *two* weeks in a row?!!? My My My, that *is* groundbreaking.

Some of you may wonder why I put the weekly LOLcat summary down at the end of each of these series posts. I’d like to be able to say that I do it because I’m saving the best for last, but in reality, it’s to honor those who have so publically shown their disdain for my LOLcat addiction. I don’t want them to have to wade through photos that make them puke in order to get to stuff they might actually want to read.

You know, it’s like how the milk and dairy products are always at the very back of the grocery store. They want you to have to walk through the endcaps, kiosks, specials, advertising, guy-with-headphones-bopping-while-putting-away-boxes, unruly kids with horrible parents, and have time to listen to their subliminal-advertising-laden musak.

I care about you, so you don’t have to do all that.

Hot blogger nomination

Look, I’m not going to beg.

Ok, maybe I will a little.

Hear me out.

I was nominated by a special blond republican out there as a hot male blogger. I’m guessing it was a typo, but I believe there are no coincidences. Coincidentally, she’s been nominated as a hot female blogger (listed as “BlondeBlogger).

Here’s what I figure.

  • There are about 300 million people in the US.
  • About half of the population is female, so that leaves 150 million or so males.
  • About 80 million of those males are retired, and by definition, no longer “hot”, so that leaves 70 million.
  • Approximately 40 million are kids, and what are you, a perv? That leaves 30 million.
  • ~20 million are employed by the federal government, so they are automatically disqualified due to the tax implications. That leaves 10 million.
  • There are about 1.2 million people in prisons, and unless the rules have changed, those people aren’t blogging, leaving 8.8 million.
  • According to a recent study, the blogosphere has stalled at 15.5 million blogs. Extrapolate that to the population and it means 5% of the population has a blog. Half of that are males, so 2.5% is the number we can use. That leaves 220,000 eligible male bloggers.
  • At any given time, there are 188,000 people in hospitals, and unless they’re getting plastic surgery, they’re not hot. That leaves 32,000.
  • There are 133 guys nominated, meaning only the top half of a percent of all bloggers even get a CHANCE at winning.
  • Most of those 133 probably won’t go to the lengths I will to advertise, plead, beg and guilt others into voting.
  • I have the most compassionate, understanding and blind tasteful readership in the world. You guys KNOW what you’re doing. You know quality when you see it.

That’s right. I am not above flattery to reach my goals. Go and vote for whall.

You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find me. But isn’t everything worthwhile worth the effort?



I just realized that some of you might not know how hot I actually am.  So here’s my submission to help you make your choice.

whall's submission to hot blogger calendar contest.  What do you mean, it's photoshopped?!??!?!

Update #2:

The whall hot blogger committee has released a new voting button and poster

hot blogger calendar vote for change lolz we can believe in whall

WordPress 2.6.1 upgrade

I keep getting the bug to upgrade. So maybe by the time you read this, I’ll have upgraded from WordPress 2.3.3 to 2.6.1.

Sometimes I gamble like that. Like as I write this, it’s 11pm on a Sunday night. I *could* upgrade, and maybe it’ll only take 10 minutes. Or everything might go horrible and I spend 3 hours recovering it. But it seems so cool to just do it!

So, if you’re reading this and you can’t access my blog…. (haha, got you there.)

Would someone dare me already!??!!

Accomplishments this week

I wanted to point out some of the things that I consider feathers in my cap for this past week that you may have missed.

Dragon’s Tarragon

Speaking of accomplishments, a recent recipe posted by Dragon caught my eye, then dragged it down and pulled in my nose, mouth, tongue and stomach and held it hostage so that I was unable to think anymore until I tried it out.

Let me tell you – mmmmm-MMMMM!

Here’s the setup: we had made dinner plans for Friday night with some good friends of ours. A coworker bestowed a bottle of his favorite wine – a red zinfandel called Elyse – after helping him with some voip and networking at his home. Always looking to take advantage of friends, I snagged it close to my body and said GIMMEGIMMEGIMME! and ran back to work.

I really wanted to try this recipe, so I went shopping to get the supplies. I’ll be completely honest and say I didn’t even know what a shallot was. I thought he wrote movie reviews and wore big mustaches. Evidently they turn translucent when they simmer. Who knew?

So I called up my mom while at the store and asked about shallots, then also asked if there was a difference between whipping cream and whipped cream. Hey, shut up. I know the difference between a gerund and a past tense verb, but I can’t assume every chef paid attention in English class. They were probably dreaming of doughnuts anyway.

With the help of one of the friends, we cooked an amazing dinner. We did these steaks out on the grill, made the sauce, added some steamed Alaskan King Crab, corn on the cob (also steamed), green beans, and poured the wine. We made some garlic butter sauce for dipping the crab in, and we were four people sitting in heaven.

The wine definitely helped accentuate our enjoyment of the meal. Just to add ecstasy to an already perfect evening, we had some gourmet cheesecake bites (turtle, raspberry swirl and NY Style).

Afterwards, we cleaned up and played a few rounds of Pinochle. The men lost to the women 1-2. 

I took some photos of our meal on our friend’s iPhone and will post them in the comments if I can.  Thank you Dragon!  Great job!

Best of LOLcats

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