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I started thinking about this topic on the way to work this morning… then thought “hey, can I fit this into 140 characters or less and say something on twitter?” and then figured I needed more space and thought “maybe I can could do an utter insteadI *am* a newly designated Utterly Ambassador, after all…

But then I decided I needed to do a blog post.



You may or may not have heard about some people crying about Sarah Palin purchasing some hundred and fifty grand worth of clothing, hair, accessories, etc over a two month period.  There’s plenty of discussion, talk, opinion and hyperbole out there for you to choose from, so I thought I’d not bore you by repeating all those points of view here.

Instead, I give you FRESH, new whalltabulous thinking!

1st Point – it’s not taxpayer funded

Ok, I lied. This point isn’t actually unique.  A lot of places have pointed out that this $150K is fron the Republican National Committee, NOT funded by tax rolls.  However, I think it worthy to point this fact out because I still get the creepy feeling when I hear the stories on the radio or read about it online; the journalists do not try to make that clear.  I suspect they are trying to play on people’s class envy strings and crass “Look at them! They don’t deserve better than you! You need to hate them!!!” attitude.

2nd Point – it’s GOP money paying more taxes

$150,000.  That’s a lot of dough.  Assuming 8% sales tax, that’s $12,000 taken from Republican pockets and put where?  RIGHT BACK into the tax system.  I would think the Democrats would LOVE this!  These high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus supposedly rake in all the BIG BUCKS, so they get to tax the high profits as well, so that’s another 5-digits of income for the tax system, right?

I mean – taking money away from evil rich republicans and letting the politicians put it where they want to?  I can just hear them now… “Sounds like a dream come true!  Whoohoo!  I hope they spend a LOT of money on stuff like this instead of the campaign in Florida or Indiana or more advertisments!”  Can’t you? 

3rd point – it helps the economy

Once again, it’s money from Republicans that helped pay for these goods, and in order for there to be goods, there are some things that have to be there first.  Buying these goods helping people have work to make the goods, ship the goods, sell the goods, borrow the goods the night before for a night out on the town with the price tag still on.  They’re indirectly helping the economy with such a big purchase.

4th point – clothes destined for charity

As the campaign announced, the clothes were going to be donated to charity after they were used, in accordance with rules regarding campaign expenditures for long-term benefit to the candidates.  So once again, it’s GOP money helping out the poor, disadvantaged folk who are living in poverty without their Coach purses and Gucci cat collars.

There are probably other salient points out there worth investigating, but these four are enough for my fingers today. 

Maybe even after all these benefits are to be gained, there are still those in the mdia that weigh them against the envy factor in the news and think it still better to yell out loud the private business of a presidential candidate, in the hopes to drum up additional partisan hatred and vitriol.

Makes me wonder why they changed their mind from back in the Clinton years.  I mean, back THEN, the private business of a presidential candidate was off limits….

tsk tsk

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