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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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Ok, so I Can Has Cheezeburger released a new version of the LOLCAT generator, aka the LOLcat builder, aka mine.icanhascheezeburger.com (great name).  It’s really really awesome – you can take any photo, customize the captions on it, and they’ll host it for you so you just need to link to it.  How awesome is that?

So I tried it out on a few pics I’ve been meaning to WHALLcat, so here they be.  By the way, you can click on them to view them on ICHC’s site and actually VOTE for them if you want.  Or maybe tell me a better caption to use.  Or tell me to go stick my head in the toilet.  I’m all ears!

whallcats jupiter cheeze

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Post Meta :

Here’s our dogs’ cousin, Truman.  He now is immortalized on teh internetz by the world famous WAYNE making him into a WHALLcats.

truman i can has cheezeburger whallcats

if you think of a better caption for the pic, say so in the comments.

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LOLcats are an internet phenomenon.  WHALLcats are my custom version of LOLcats.  Sound it out.  You’ll get it.

Here’s my latest creation.

whallcats lolcats jupiter how wasted am i

Jupiter is so cute 🙂  How about the hair of the dog?  Will that cure him?

3:53 pm
Post Meta :

(I was inspired to do this because this picture came up on my Google Desktop while I was watching the YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItugh-fFgg)

I meant to post this yesterday, as this series is a Sunday thing.  But oops, I forgot.  So here it is as a Monday thing! 

Death By Powerpoint

This little “advice powerpoint” that Alexei Kapterev put together is great.  If you do presentations, ever, be sure to go through his a couple times and refine your own presentation.

Death By Powerpoint

Proof of Desperate Students

There’s absolute proof that desperate students exist, and then there’s the proof that the desperate students create. This series emailed to me recently happens to be both


Saw a few movies over this last week, a couple of which are worth mentioning.  The Last Time with Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser was great (have to watch it all the way through to think so).  Hot Fuzz was also above expectations… I liked Shaun of the Dead well enough, and Hot Fuzz was laugh-out-loud funny in places.  We watched Number 23 on OnDemand and while I’m sure a lot of people complain about it or whatever, I still liked it.

I’m pretty sure I’d be a horrible critic, in that I like just about everything.  I’m glad for my lack of pickiness for movies – I’d hate to be critiquing everything here and there, picking apart the movie for this problem with the plot, or bad acting, etc.  I just enjoy it all.  And I think I’m happier for it.

And in unrelated news, I finally figured out how to put a real honest-to-goodness line break after my little manual headers on these “don’t want to MISC” series. TinyMCE is very cool for the most part, but it’s bugs drive me crazy!

WHALLcats – Nitro’s love for the camera

9:57 am
Post Meta :

My son is so awesome.   This morning, he saw me dressed and ready to go and the following conversation ensued:

ME: (dressed and ready for work)

JADEN: Um dad?

ME: Hey Jaden!  Good morning!

JADEN: Um, dad?

ME: Yeah?

JADEN: Where you goin?

ME: Well, I’m going to work.  I’m going to get into my car and get on in to work and take care of some work.

JADEN: No, you can’t go to work.

ME: I can’t?  Is the car broken?

JADEN: Um, no.

ME: Are the roads blocked in some way?


ME:  Well then why can’t I go to work?

JADEN:  You, um, you… don’t have, a, uh, a, path.

ME:  I don’t have a path?  You mean I can’t get to work?


ME:  Well, I think I do have a path, and I need to get to work.

JADEN:  But you go to work *every* *day*!

ME:  I need to go to work.  I go Monday through Friday usually and I stay home on the weekends, usually.

JADEN:  Um, dad?

ME:  Yeah, Jaden?

JADEN:  How ’bout you go to work now, for five minutes, today, and then come home and don’ go to work anymore.  Just one day, you work and then you stay here and play games with me?  Is that a good idea?

ME:  *heart melting*

Man, I love him. 

Here he is, many years ago, when he turned into a Zombie.

whallcats jaden brains

(tip of the hat goes to the inspiration of this picture)

iPhone runs VIM

Ok, there’s more to the story than just this, but what caught my eye was the VIM tie-in.  For those of you who don’t know, VIM is “vi improved”, and vi is a visual editor used on unix systems.  It’s completely text-based, harkening back to the days of no mice and no graphics.  It’s extremely powerful, and I still use it daily to do text editing, manipulation, processing, etc.  I’ve had gvim (graphical vim) on my box forever, and rely on it.  To know that it can run on the iPhone makes me 1% closer to wanting one. 

To date, I’m about at 4% wanting one.  If the cost came down to $200 or so, I’d be at 80%.  If it supported ActiveSync (ie, if it supported Outlook Mobile Access – OMA – from exchange front end web servers) like so many other smart phones, I’d be at 95%.  I depend on my blackberry, and it securely syncs up all my email, contacts, calendar, etc wirelessly.  ActiveSync w/OMA does the same thing for non-blackberry PDAs.

So for the time being, I’ll have to be happy with my midpSSH client for my blackberry.  It lets me bounce off my internal blackberry enterprise server, encrypted across the RIM network, and ssh into internal servers @ work, so now I can truly fix those emergency situations without having to find a hotspot!

The David Blaine of Billiards

Never saw this guy before, don’t know who he is, but I’ve dubbed him the David Blaine of Billiards.  Or call it “Street Magic Pool”.  Doesn’t matter what it’s called, but these are some pretty neat tricks.  Thanks to Jen for the link.

147 run in Snooker 

Speaking of billiards, Jen also shared this fantastic video of a guy making a perfect 147-score run in snooker in about 5 minutes.  The guy is awesome.

Breakfast – it’s not just for breakfast anymore

I heard on the news recently that Kellogg’s has found more people eating it’s cereal at non-breakfast times, like for a late night snack or after-dinner treat, so they’re ramping up production of chocolate-flavored rice krispies or special K or something. So I decided to come up with the above tagline.  It’s mine.  I owns it.

New Dennys Menu girl

Well, she just doesn’t do it for me.

The new Denny's Menu girl

Compared to Tiffany, the old Denny’s menu girl, I mean.  I’m not saying this girl here is ugly or anything – her smile is nice, sure, and she’s bringing a GREAT tray of food, and she has that super weird grip on the coffee mug, and she can pour coffee without looking.  Not only that, she has a four foot long spike sticking out of her back (it’s an old war wound), but you can’t see it because she’s looking AT us instead of away.  The lady in the back who’s smiling sees it and is rather rude by laughing at it.

In case you forgot what Tiffany looks like, here’s a refresher.  See what I mean?

Tiffany from Denny's is hot

WHALLcats – Jaden version

I promised some more WHALLcats.  Here you go, but instead of cats (or dogs), it’s none other than Jaden!

whallcats jaden spelz

LOLcats – Wolves version

And here’s one I made up just now.  It’s from a caption contest entry no-one entered.

lolcats wolves

Bohemian Rhapsody by 25 artists

Saw this on Kazim’s Korner.  Reminded me of the Evolution of Dance video in a way, in that it’s one of those “must watch at some point in life” videos.  Why not watch them now? hmm?


I had mentioned earlier that I came up with WHALLcats, a complete rip-off of LOLcats, but I didn’t mention that I don’t have any cats.  So all of my images are going to be of Jupiter, Zena or Nacho.  Maybe Maverick and Nitro (passed away).  The name stuck tho.

So I started on a couple.

WHALLcats jupiter burger


WHALLcats excellent

WHALLcats nitro jupiter eggnog

The only frustrating part of this is that the software I use (SnagIt) for most of my quick photo manipulation needs – it’s truly a fantastic tool for quick changes, but it doesn’t support fonts with colored outlines, so I end up with letters that either need a bright or dark outline.  So far, I had to just do a quick black line across the bottom.  I think that’s annoying, both to make and to read.  I guess I could use the LOLcats generator if I needed to…

In fact, I did – I went ahead and used the generator on this photo above and I must say, it is better than mine.

whallcats nitro jupiter eggnog

Here’s another try with the generator.  I think I’ll stick with it from now on.

whallcats nitro this have a flavor

So I don’t think that these are “worthy” of trying to submit to I Can Has Cheezeburger… but if you think they are, add a comment and let me know. I know that if I do get one that’s very good, I’ll submit it.

Guitar Heronoid

So, seems someone came up with a robot to play Guitar Hero for you.  Sounds like a great robotic project for a young up-and-comer in the science community – especially if they have a passion for music, technology, and overall high injections of coolosity.

Guitar Heronoid

Click on the picture to get a full run-down on the construction, fingers, strumming, the technology they used to “listen” to the screen and music and putting it all together.

It really is a fascinating read.

7:52 am
Post Meta :

I’ve become an avid fan of the I Can Has Cheezburger site, making it part of my “essential” blogreading list on my feedreader.  From there I found LOLcats, volume I and II.  When I first read this, I just couldn’t stop laughing.  These are hilarious, truly hilarious.  Volume I is funnier and easier to read.  My favorites are the “I hate everything” one and the “it’s a lion” one.  Oh, and the “i has bucket” one.   Some of the stuff is not completely PG-13 so watch your eyes a little.

You know how when you read something really funny, or maybe you’re just in a giggling mood, you can’t stop?  And you get a little embarassed about how much noise you’re making?  That’s what happened to me with Volume I.

Wikipedia has a full definition of LOLcats.

Now that I’ve become such a fan of LOLcats, I’ve decided to make my owns.  I’ll call them WHALLcats (sound it out).

Here’s my first submission into my own blog category.

WHALLcats jupiter 

tsk tsk

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