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Post Meta :

You know how yesterday I came up with a neat little blog post title that essentially said what I was thinking?  That was fun.

I think I’ve finally “made it” in blogging when I don’t blog for an entire week (coincidentally after blogging and parodying Dave2 taking a break) and I still get comments on the first post I come up with.  I never would have imagined that response when I started blogging four years ago.  Yes, I have a blogiversary going on too (I call them whalliversaries).  What I’m trying to say, but failing, is that I’m very appreciative of what my blog gives me in terms of community, an outlet for creativity, and a stroking of my very needy ego.

So, thank you.

I’m going to splurge a little on my lazy trend and give you, in the extended entry, the contents of an email I received that I thought worth the time to read.  I LOL’ed a few times.

Let me know if you agree.

Or not.  You can be lazy too.


Another week. Time flies when you’re in a time machine.


You might think you need to see Wall-E this summer.


Well, you do.  But you also don’t want to MISC my very own WHALL-E-versary 3.0!  That’s right – as I mentioned last week, I’m coming up on my 3rd anniversary of blogging and my 1st anniversary of this weekly series.  The problem was, I couldn’t figure out what I should do. One of the commenters mentioned that I should give him a gift since he’s been such a loyal commenter.  That got me thinking – who has been commenting a lot? So I checked.

whall.org top commenters by june 208

I also took notice that 5 of the top commenters are “real-life” friends (Absurdist, Jennefer, Ren, Christine, Raganator).  The rest (Poppy, Avitable, Dave2, sue, sourpuss, Hilly, martymankins, and BlondeBlogger) I believe I would enjoy having as real-life friends.  I like how that works out.

Quick analysis also reveals that I have four long-term commenters and three total newbies.  That seems to be a good mix.

But then the question comes – do I care about the number of comments?  Is that what’s important?  Or is it the content?  Maybe the tone?  Are they encouraging?  Do they bring humor?  Wit?  A challenging point of view?

One thing is for certain and that is – I absolute do not care that they agree with me politically, spiritually, technologically or in any way whatsoever.  The people on my top commenters chart are diametrically opposed to me in a multitude of ways.  But fortunately for me, those differences aren’t what defines us.  It’s not what we focus on.

I’m coming up on 2500 comments some time soon.  I have a few loyal commenters.  I love writing in the blog.  I’d love more comments and more commenters.  I wanna do something, but I just don’t know what.

I recently read that it is Blog Reader Appreciation Week and how fitting that it somewhat coincide with my WHALL-e-versary 3.0?  I wanna do something but I just don’t know how.

I don’t have a budget for prizes.  But I am creative and I can carve out time here and there.  So the 13 loyal commenters can choose one of the following list as their prize.   Just email me at whall at my domain name (whall.org) and tell me which one you want!

  1. Guest post on your blog if you have one
  2. Lunch on me if you’re in town
  3. Custom poetry and art work, framed
  4. Astrology: Natal Chart & Solar Return for the year and a brief analysis
  5. One of my available Dilbert or Calvin & Hobbes comic books
  6. Five mp3’s off of Amazon.com (assuming I can get the ones you want)

Yay!  congrats, winners!

Oh, and also, the first five commenters on this post who AREN’T in the list can also win.   That way you new kids who have recently joined in the fun can also join in the prize fun.

Best of LOLcats

lolcats dog looks pissed


lolcats any moment last forever this one


lolcats invisible pickle jar


lolcats thriller kitty


lolcats stupid humans couch on fire


lolcats curious kitty ruins photo op


Hey folks, thanx for stopping by.  Did you get that thing I sent you? 

Best. political. post. ever.

Many don’t like the political speak.  Some live off of it.  No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll likely enjoy Shiny’s Takeout’s Political Corner: November Reign

shiny's takeout

whall.org milestones

I’m just now realizing that this and next month marks my 3rd anniversary of blogging (7/26/05) and my 1st anniversary of Stuff you don’t want to MISC summaries (6/17/07).  Yeah yeah, this is only the 50th edition, as I skipped a couple of weeks when I was weak, so we’ll just call it even and call July the anniversary for both.  

Also, I just hit 2000 comments not too long ago.  The 2500th comment isn’t too far away (some people I read celebrate that).

Any suggestions on what I should do?  You can assume the following:

  • No budget
  • No time
  • No talent
  • No interest from the 99.999% of the people on the planet.

With all this going for me, I’m pumped!  Let me know what you think!

The Wii.  It’s back.

I think I mentioned some time back that our Wii started having issues reading disks.  We kept trying to play games for a couple of days, and we found that if we turn the Wii off and back on, it would read a disk.  But if we ejected the disk it would not read the next one.  When it got so bad we couldn’t stand it (about 3 days later), we called in and were informed that our warranty had expired 3 days ago.

wii fail

Fortunately, the guy on the phone was not only nice but empowered.  He processed our RMA and we, like good little consumers, held onto the console for much longer than we should, unable to really let it go even with it’s problems.  The RMA was good for 3 months, and so we held.  And held.  Finally I decided I should go ahead and send it in, and WHAMMO we got it back in less than a week!  I couldn’t believe it!

And now that it’s back, I can go for my all-important Guitar Hero goals.  My first goal is to be ranked < 10,000, and then 5,000 and then 1,000.  This is out of (at time of writing) 703,000 or so people on the system.

guitar hero stats whallify as of 6/8/2008

I think my goals are realistic.  For example, this most recent bump of about 1,000 place points was due to the following three songs:

bump up of whallify at guitarhero.com

I got 325K for beating ONE on Expert (before, I beat One on PS2, which doesn’t participate in online scoring).  I beat my Medium Barracude by 1,000 and I beat my Medium Through Fire And Flames by a good 80k.  

There are still forty (40) songs in the game that aren’t uploaded to guitar hero.com, so I’m feeling pretty good – individual song scores range from 100-400k each.  Some of the songs missing were just bad uploads when I played them, so I just need to replay them.

Here’s where I’m at, the 10000th place score, and the 1000th place score.

12514th place on guitarhero.com for whallify

10000th place on guitarhero.com

1000th place on guitar hero.com

Best of LOLcats

lolcats color greyscale matte
Ok, this one is for you artists out there.


lolcats awesome ninja skills squirrel


lolcats oh mai kitty


lolcats fridge fit in here just fine

tsk tsk

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