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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.


But sometimes they don’t. 

Although, there may be one lurking, if we extend “ondas” to be “Hondas”.  I can just imagine tiny little Hondas on shore leave.  Little horno de microondas.  bwahahaha.

In other news, I believe I found out what was causing the extreme delay in my Windows 7 Easy Transfer problem from my last post.  I watched and watched and thinked and thunked.  I pondered.  I perused.  I fell asleep, then woke up and thought some more.

Then I decided to look at the external hard drive where my user profile was stored.  Since Windows didn’t give me any specific details during the transfer, I went ahead and canceled it and saw that it had copied some of the profile but not all of it.  The external hard drive supports USB2 and firewire, and because firewire is faster, I initially chose it for the supposed speed increase.

firewire cable

To help figure out if I had a performance issue, I set up a standard file copy from the laptop to the external drive.  When I actually checked the file transfer speeds of this external firewire drive (which you CAN see when you expand “Details”), I saw that it was getting less than 1MB/sec transfer rate.

I had mentioned that the profile itself was more than 140 GB.  GIH. GUH. BITES.  A gigabyte is a thousand megabytes, btw.  In my world, anyway.

Let’s do the math on that, shall we?

Actually, let’s not.  Math is hard.  Let’s just say it would take a LOOOOONG time at that speed.  So I connected up the USB cable, did the same copy and was able to get between 11-25MB/sec transfer rates.  Ahhh.  The sounds of packets flowing across the wires.

A bit of googling showed that other people on Vista and Windows 7 64-bit had similar firewire problems due to drivers and what-not.  So I’m sure it’ll get resolved eventually with an updated driver, but for now I can stick with USB2 and get’r done.  The laptop also has an eSATA port (which is even faster), but the data isn’t on an eSATA-capable drive at the moment. 

There was one other problem I found on the computer, but I fixed it fairly quickly:

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I love Windows 7.  I liked XP well enough for about a million years, embraced Vista when it came out, and adopted the Windows 7 Beta back in January of this year.  I was on the beta for a few months and then went to the Release Candidate Microsoft made available and have been on it since recently.

I was worried when I switched jobs that I might lose some of my Windows 7 accessibility.  I was IT Director of a large ISP, in charge of technical things like Operating Systems and our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and bypassing the Internet logging… so not only was I in the know, but I had access to everything.  In my new job, however, I’m not IT anymore – I’m a dreaded and lowly “user”.  Now *I* have to create helpdesk requests and wait for things to happen instead of laughing at users waiting for things to happen.

Fortunately, the IT crew at the new job is cool and let me use Windows 7 even though they hadn’t prepared on rolling it out yet.  In fact, I’ve been testing some of the various apps like virus protection and the new game and I’m glad I can help.   I especially like testing out games.  WOO to the HOO.

I have Windows 7 on my work desktop and I just recently loaded it on my work laptop.  I already have Windows 7 on my home desktop and loaded it last night on my home laptop.  Is that enough computers for you yet?!?!?!

While there are many cool things about Windows 7 I could expand on here, I’m going to specifically mention Windows Easy Transfer.  I will mention it, and then I will trash it publicly.

Normally, this tool is incredible. It’s awesome.  It’s so much more than “Files & Settings Transfer” was in XP.  It’s better than USMT (User Settings Migration Tool) if you’ve used that on the Enterprise side.   It’s so much better than ‘Cats’.

What it does is take your files and settings (and in some cases, applications, but only in certain situations) from one computer and transfer it to another computer.   This is a fantastic boon for people who customize their computer a lot and have more than just a couple directories of files to transfer.  I, for example, and one of those people.  In fact, I customize my laptop so much I’m more like three of those people.

For the first four or five times I used it, it worked flawlessly and quickly.  However, in my most recent quest, transferring from a Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 laptop to a Windows 7 Enterprise released version laptop, I’ve been having issues.  HEadsup – I might need a hug.

Here’s some eye candy fer ya to help ‘splain my issue.

easy transfers
(click to embiggify)

Note the transfer time.  btw, “Transfer time” indicates how much time is LEFT.  btw also, I started this transfer Monday morning and here it is Wednesday and it’s still chugging along.  Also, that “transfer time” sometimes says “1 day” and sometimes says “8 days” and everywhere between.  The disk lights on the laptop and the external firewire drive are still blinking, and the green bar is advancing some every few hours, or so it seems.  Just in the time it took to write this blog post, it’s changted from 2 days, 10 hours to 1 day, 9 hours, to 6 days, to 2 days 14 hours.

I should point out that there are a few quirks in my particular set up.

  1. Different versions of Windows
    I am using a migration file taken from a Release Candidate version of Windows 7 and importing to a Released version of Windows 7.  I don’t know if that is supported – who knows, it might not be, or it might be buggy.  I can’t blame Microsoft for that part if it’s true.  In fact, they go out of their way to put in disclaimers on their beta software.
  2. The migration file is huge:
    My migration file is 127.5GB and the user profile itself is > 140GB.  Maybe it’s supposed to take this long?  I don’t have any hard data to compare to on this front.  Perhaps I can blame Microsoft for that? Nahh.
  3. I’m changing domains. 
    The profile was taken from a domain that doesn’t exist any more, and I’m importing to a new domain.  The docs show that this is supported (yay Microsoft for adding this!) but who knows, maybe it has a problem too.  If so, that’s Microsoft’s fault.  But we don’t know yet.
  4. Power interruption on the first try
    The first time I tried the import (last Friday), there was a power interruption to the USB drive and the migration failed.  So I blew away the profile on the new laptop, rebooted again, removed from the domain and re-added, and then tried again.  While that shouldn’t be a problem, maybe there’s something wrong.  I did notice that when I logged into the account after the failed import and before blowing it away, there was about 90GB of files in the profile, so at least it did something.  There could be a problem on the external drive, or there might be some setting on my account somewhere from that failed first try.  Anyone feel like helping me blame Microsoft for the power interruption?
  5. Domain account locked interruption
    There were some domain account issues on the new domain, where the account got locked for other reasons.  Since the process has to authenticate as that user during the migration, maybe it’s stuck somewhere and can’t do anything.  This was on the current try. (more specifically, I started migration the 2nd time on Monday morning, and the domain got locked twice Tuesday afternoon).  Stupid locked domain accounts! ALL MICROSOFT’S FAULT AND BUSH’s TOO!

I’m thinking that if it doesn’t get somewhere today, I’ll have to interrupt it again, blow away the profile, do a disk check on the firewire drive (due to the power interruption) and try it again.

Hey.  Now it says only 1 day, 10 hours left.  Maybe it’s worth waiting for?

While I wait, I think I’ll compose a lolcat for the situation.  Wait.  Dang Office Assistant got in the way.

If there were seven brides for seven brothers, how many inlaws does that make?

Windows 7 Beta

As I believe I’ve mentioned before but am too lazy to go find the link, I upgraded my primary work laptop to Windows 7 Beta, build 7000.  I’m still loving it.  The standard OS at the company I work for is still XP, so this kind of jump is like 1.21 gigaparsecs in a kessel Mr Fusion run.  I was on Vista for about a year before that, so I was mostly ready for the user interface changes.


First impression – FAST.  Second impression: WHOA THIS IS SO FAST.  Fourth impression: What happened to the third impression?  Wait, I know!  It must have gone by too fast.

Windows 7 performs faster, looks better, backs up great, is more intuitive, is more easily managed, has cooler tools built-in and crashes left often.  All of my drivers worked (except for a Canoscan Lide 60 scanner; still working on that).

I tried upgrading to the latest leaked version, 7057 but I encountered errors so I’ll wait a while to see if another one gets leaked.  What’s exciting about this is that typically, beta software is slower than the actual release because developers usually work on stability rather than performance.  So I expect the actual release to be even faster than the one I have loaded.

That’ll do, Microsoft.  That’ll do.

I’m totally blogging this

I’m a sucker and I can prove it.


Your all-time-favorite NSFW blogger Avitable made an irresistible t-shirt and I snagged me one.  Yes, it has “whall.org” on the back.  I’m completely advertising myself for myself on myself.

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