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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Slowly but surely drudging my way into fame by logging yet another in the weekly series.

Automattic acquires Gravatar

So far, I can’t see anything bad about this story.  I saw it over at A Feast of Crumbs first.  I love gravatar and it’ll be nice for things to be faster, cheaper (freeer!) and more open.  What’s not to like?  I love Akismet already (done by the same folks), so it’s all good!


Today marks my 2nd day trying out twitter. So far, it’s been addictive but I don’t know if I’ll continue. I liked it enough to put a banner in my sidebar, and load Twitterberry on my Blackberry. I see myself using it more as a reminder service and public journal more than group IM or whatever else it could be used as.

What’s another word for Irony?

I wanted to find another word for “Vague Statements” based on a comment response I was composing. Normally I use thesaurus.com or something, but I didn’t want to find another meaning just for a specific word, but an actual phrase.  So I google for “vague statements” and stumble upon a website at NC State University that seems designed to point out student’s flaws in writing, give examples, etc.

I think the title should be changed to “what is wrong with the way this web page was typed?”

what is wrong with the way these students write gramar grammar
Oh, the pain… the pain.

Sad News indeed

An acquaintance of mine commited suicide.  Words?  I have none.

Online poker company employee was cheating…

I’ve played a fair share of online poker (I play in spurts – couple weeks at a time, and then nothing for many many months) and have actually made money at it.  This story, however, is a little gut-wrenching…

This youtube video shows a replay of about 8 minutes of play by the employee, indicating there’s no way someone would play like this unless they could see the other people’s hands (ignore that you can see the hands during the replay – that’s how it normally is with the replay – what you’re looking for in the video is how the guy plays and the fact that he keeps winning.)

Drake the Pirate

Quick little 30 second video of halloween dress rehearsals – if you’ve never seen a fake voice-activated halloween pirate prop sing Wizard of Oz, this is your chance.

The week has flown by.  How’s your week been? 


Got snacked

I wasn’t looking and all of a sudden I got snacked on.  It was a small snacking, so I’m ok, and you don’t need to worry.  However, I must admit I’m hungry for more.

In fact, in case you haven’t noticed, I actually added a little banner button over on the side, I’m so proud.

Display resolution

We had a little discussion about dual-monitors and stuff last week (and some dual-monitor heaven), and most of the time I’m content with 1600 x 1200 on my 2nd external 21″ CRT.  However, I also tried a setting known in some circles as “super high resolution eye-test squinttastic mode” in windows that I was surprised my video card and monitor supported:

screen resolution 2048 by 1536

And for the most part, I was happy.  Although some things were blurry, I liked it enough to keep it for a few hours.  But frankly my biggest problem was the mouse.  I already have my mouse hopping on my desk during the day as I move it over from left to right and back.  Hop, Hop, Hop.  The mouse moves as much as my wrist can move it, then it hops up in the air, moves over, then goes back down and tries to move the cursor another few hundred pixels.  Repeat.

I’m sure there are those of you who would recommend I go trackball or something.  I just can’t get into those.

News bloopers

The challenge is to watch either of these (or both) and NOT crack a smile.  There’s a part in the first one, about 4 minutes through where the foreign guy is laughing at the audience member that just had me rolling.  It took me a while to figure out why he was laughing, but I got it eventually.

Some cool Outlook tips

I’ve been a reader of Slipstick.com for a while – I met the lady who founded it, Sue Mosher, at the Microsoft MVP Summit in 2004.  She was an Outlook MVP and I was a Sharepoint MVP and met through Bill English, the author of the Microsoft Sharepoint Resource Kit (see sample chapters).

Slipstick sends out a newsletter and the most recent one had some tips about using words to describe a date – for example you could say “45 days ago” in a date field and it figures it out for you, or “90d” and it’ll go 90 days in the future.

To me, that’s evidence of ingenuity.  I can just picture some developer coding and decided – hey, it would be cool if we could just put in some short code for date calculation here – and just did it.

The newsletter also points out that this can be used for search folders, like showing all the messages from more than a week ago.  You can say “received on or before 7 days ago” and it’ll weed out the last week’s worth of messages.

I tried putting in “lottery numbers in 1d” but it gave me an error.

Best o’ LOLcats


(and yes, I’m a little sorry and feel a little guilty about the following one, but it’s just slightly more irresistable than I can handle)

lolcats miss america

And I feel so sorry for people who don’t get this next one.  You poor, uncultured, uncivil masses.  My heart bleeds for your poverty.

lolcats trogdor

tsk tsk

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